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Roller Die Cutters are the easiest way to make money out of packaging and is probably the most versatile machine in a box factory.

Corrugated packaging has been opened to the general public since the roller die cutters first inception and the skills level required for the running of such a machine is truly low and it can be a box machine that can quickly give the you a fast return on investment.
Depending on the volume of work, the width of the machine and the maintenance of the roller, there should be no reason why this roller can not last for up to 12 months before requiring a slight skim and then going on a few months further. In cases where the buyer is aware that there is going to be high volume, a spare roller is purchased with the initial machine to ensure that the least amount of down time is experienced with the roller die cutter while in production.


Working Width100015002000
Roller Speed30m/min30m/min30m/min
Gap Adjustment10-10010-10010-100
Motor Size 1.1kW1.1kW2.2kW
PhaseSupplied Single Phase  
Required Space3000x13003000x18003000x2300



Roller Press Die Cutter

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