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About Us

The 'Success Story' that could be yours

Corrugated Box machines and boxes have paid for my houses, cars, funded part of my parents retirement and they can do the same for you. My story is simple...

In 1995 while doing my Fitting & Turning apprenticeship at my dad's engineering shop, I found a way to buy cardboard that had been sent for recycling and converted it from 30c/kg to R7,50/kg. I made 8x8x2 tart boxes, and before I knew it, I was making 1000s of boxes on the corrugated box machines that my dad was building. My first machine, a (#1) Roller Die Cutter was so easy to operate that the tea lady and I started making stock during our tea and lunch times and this resulted in the beginning of what would become a very profitable business for my family and myself.

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About the machines

Box Machines as well as waste baleing machines can be custom-built to your specification and budget and it is therefore a very popular line of box machines

Manufactured and assembled in Port Elizabeth, South Africa but using integral parts like electronics, gearboxes, chains etc. from European countries like Italy and Germany. Our website shows the machines that we manufacture primarily for the converting of corrugated board into boxes (but can also in some cases be used for other applications, i.e. leather, fibre-glass plastic, etc). Should the equipment that you require not be shown, please contact us. In addition to the machines described, we can produce any variation based on a standard design or custom-build a machine to suit your specifications.


"The 2nd roller Die Cutter was a great addition and we look forward to adding a third machine"
 - J Smith, Jacks Packaging (Cape Town)


"Thank you for the Beam Slotter, Slitter and Roller Die Cutter. A great start to our new business. The refurbished Platten press is also working well. The installation was professional and your expertise much appreciated"
 - Eddie Horn (Prima Box)

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Still wondering why you should trust us?

We only deal in facts, so let us show you in 5:

FACT 1: Every client that has bought more than one machine from us, has gone on to build a multi-million rand business.

FACT 2: After minutes of training, unskilled labour can easily operate these machines under supervision.

FACT 3: All directors of Boxpac own a box factory using these machines, where continued development takes place.

FACT 4: Our clients include Nampak, Shaft, Mpact (Mondipak) and Prima Box in SA, as well as many more in the USA, the UK, Canada, Iceland, France, Namibia and more!

FACT 5: Boxpac is ROBUST and CHEAP!

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