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Frequently Asked Questions

What corrugated board grades can be converted and what other materials can be converted?

This question has 2 answers. 1. All grades in from AB to DWB4 can be run on all machines. 2. Particularly on the Flat Bed Roller Die Cutter, the possible constraints are linked to the dies and tooling more than the machine capabilities. With heavy duty board, the die in most cases works best when fitted with scolloped/Rotary Die type blades.

Delivery of Machines - LOCAL & ABROAD?

All machines are always ex works. Machines sold abroad are totally for the buyers attention however we will assist where possible. The Port of Export: Port Elizabeth Harbour. Local Machines are also ex works. Please ask your contact at Boxpac Port Elizabeth for suggestions for delivery as we have a fixed price per machine with Guardian Freight for Deliveries to Johannesburg or Cape Town. There is also a truck available between Port Elizabeth Cape Town, but although cheaper can only deliver to our site in Epping 2 and will load when the truck is empty.


Our policy is 40% deposit and full payment prior to collection. Depending on the bank, we may be flexible as to the deposit in extreme cases but no machine can be collected without full payment showing in our bank account.


Our Standard colours are Hamertone Silver/Grey or Hamertone Blue with Electric Orange. When not purchasing a machine out of stock other options may be considered. ASK YOUR BOXPAC CONTACT.

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